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Watch Dogs (2013)

  • Director: Kun Chang
  • Writers: Li C. Kuo, Kevin Shortt
  • Publisher: Gamers Little Playground
  • Runtime: 04:59:56
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  • The storyline of "Watch Dogs" build around the concept of information warfare, data being interconnected, and the world's increasing use of technology—questioning who exactly runs the computers they depend on. The story takes place in an alternate reality version of Chicago, Illinois, which is one of many cities to feature a supercomputer known as a "CtOS" (Central Operating System). The system controls almost every piece of technology in the city, and contains information on all of the city's residents and activities which can be used for various purposes. In the story, the Northeast blackout of 2003 was found to be caused by a hacker, prompting the development of CtOS. It follows an antihero named Aiden Pearce, a highly skilled hacker described as a person who uses both "fists and wits."

    In October 2012, Aiden Pearce and Damien Brenks launch an electronic bank heist at the Merlaut Hotel, with Aiden transferring the funds through his smartphone. When they come across a strange file and alert another hacker, Damien tries to find the hacker, giving them both away. Unable to talk Damien out of it, Aiden stops him by leaving.[14] Fearing for his family— sister Nicole, and her children Lena and Jackson—Aiden decides to drive them to safety under the guise of a surprise trip. However, on the way, two hitmen hired to take Aiden out intercept the car. One of them, Maurice Vega, fires the shot that crashes the car and kills Lena two months later.

    Eleven months later in a continued storyline spanning from October 2013 to circa 2014, Aiden (now a vigilante known as The Fox) finally tracks down Maurice in the Parker Square district. After a fruitless interrogation about Maurice's contractor, Aiden leaves Maurice in the hands of Jordi Chin while he hacks the ctOS to help them escape unnoticed. As Aiden investigates further, Damien (whom he cut ties with since the Merlaut robbery) approaches him, requesting to find the other hacker from the Merlaut job. Upon Aiden's refusal, Damien kidnaps Nicole, forcing Aiden to comply with Damien's demands.

    With the help of Clara Lille, a member of hacking syndicate DeadSec, Aiden tracks down the second hacker: ex-military gang leader Anthony "Iraq" Wade. Aiden obtains the electronic key to Iraq's server room and obtains a sample of the data from his servers. He and Clara find that Iraq has secrets on almost every citizen of Chicago, effectively protecting his gang from the authorities. When they come across encrypted data beyond Clara's ability, she directs Aiden to seek out Raymond "T-Bone" Kenney. ...

    Did You Know? In a recent interview with Ubisoft Creative Director Justin Morin, he revealed that Aiden's character was created based on a person who had saved him from a robbery in his hometown of Chicago. When Morin asked the man his name, he replied "Archer." This created Aiden's name. A was for Archer and Pearce represented an arrow piercing a target.

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