Intense Cinema | Tron Evolution

Tron Evolution (2010)

  • Director: Chris Borders
  • Publisher: Ronny Games Au
  • Runtime: 00:50:02
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  • "Tron: Evolution" serves as a prequel to the movie "Tron: Legacy" and sequel to both the graphic novel "Tron: Betrayal" and the Nintendo Wii and DS versions, "Tron: Evolution - Battle Grids." "Tron: Evolution" designed to be an integral part of the Tron story, featuring certain characters and settings from both films. Evolution explains the events that led to Kevin Flynn's imprisonment inside the Grid, as well as telling how the Grid evolved through the years. The player controls a Monitor program named Anon (short for anonymous), a security program written by Flynn to investigate a conspiracy in the world of Tron.

    "Tron: Evolution" starts with a video footage of Kevin Flynn who is discussing about the existence of ISOs (Isomorphic Algorithms), a group of programs with a measure of free will that have emerged spontaneously on the Grid, and are disliked by the Basic programs. Jalen, one of the leaders of the ISOs, recently died and Flynn suspects the murder was organized by Clu, a second version of the original program from the first film. Flynn creates a new Monitor to try to control the system.

    Radia, leader of the ISOs, is at a formal ceremony to make her a System Administrator alongside Clu. Tron asks Anon to guard the ceremony, but finds a suspicious female, Quorra, who tries to talk her way past the guards and Anon follows her. The ceremony is violently disrupted by the virus program, Abraxas, but Anon intervenes and battles him, damaging Abraxas' identity disc and forcing the virus to flee. Clu disparages the "flaws" of the new ISOs. Tron suggests Flynn leave the Grid for his own safety.

    Did You Know? Bruce Boxleitner (Tron) and Olivia Wilde (Quorra) reprised their roles in "Tron: Evolution."

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