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Tomb Raider (2013)

  • Director: Noah Hughes
  • Writer: Toby Gard (character: Lara Croft)
  • Writer: Rhianna Pratchett
  • Publisher: Gamers Little Playground
  • Runtime: 02:20:59
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  • "Tomb Raider" follows Lara Croft, a young and ambitious archaeology graduate whose theories on the location of the lost kingdom of Yamatai have convinced the Nishimura family—descendants from the people of Yamatai themselves—to fund an expedition in search of the kingdom. "Tomb Raider" is the fifth title developed by Crystal Dynamics in the "Tomb Raider" franchise. As the first entry in a new Tomb Raider continuity, the game is a reboot that emphasises the reconstructed origins of the culturally influential lead character Lara Croft.

    "Tomb Raider" begins with Lara setting out on her first expedition about the ship Endurance, with the intention of finding the lost kingdom of Yamatai. By her suggestion and against Whitman's advice, the expedition ventures into the Dragon's Triangle, east of Japan. The ship is struck by a violent storm and split in two, leaving the survivors stranded on an isolated island. Lara is separated from the others when she is captured by a strange, savage man and trapped in his cave home. She manages to escape while her captor is killed as the cave collapses around them. As Lara tries to locate the other survivors, she finds more evidence that the island is inhabited, complete with strange carvings, dead bodies, and ritual sacrifices of animals. She eventually finds her friend Sam and a man called Mathias, who claims to be one of the passengers. As Sam tells Mathias the legends of Himiko, Lara passes out; when she wakes, Mathias and Sam are nowhere in sight. ...

    Did You Know? When Dr. Whitman comments about his and Lara's discovery being like discovering Atlantis, Lara corrects him that Atlantis is a myth. In the original "Tomb Raider," the plot is about Lara Croft finding artifact pieces that are connected with Atlantis which turns out to be a real place.

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