Intense Cinema | The Evil Within: The Assignment

The Evil Within: The Assignment (2015)

  • Directors: Shinji Mikami
  • Writers: Itaru Yokoyama
  • Publisher: Gamers Little Playground
  • Runtime: 00:41:24
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  • "The Evil Within: The Assignment" is the first DLC for "The Evil Within," the story revolves around Juli Kidman, delving into her past and revealing what her true motives are. Juli Kidman is a new detective recently transferred to Sebastian's precinct. On one of her first assignments with Sebastian, they are sent to Beacon Mental Hospital, only to be caught up in something sinister. ...

    Did You Know? "The Evil Within: The Assignment" is differs heavily from "The Evil Within," as Juli cannot use any firearms throughout the story. The only tools at Juli's disposal are the Flashlight, Bottles, and on occasion, Axes. It is impossible to directly engage any enemies, so stealth is crucial to survival.

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