Intense Cinema | Terminator 3: Redemption

Terminator 3: Redemption (2004)

  • Director: Shawn Wright
  • Writer: James Cameron
  • Writer: Gale Anne Hurd
  • Pubisher: Raph32100
  • Runtime: 02:09:49
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  • "Terminator 3: Redemption" starts in the year 2032 with a squad of Tech-Com soldiers storming a Skynet facility in order to stop a T-X from entering a time displacement machine. However, they are no match for the T-X's superior capabilities and all are gruesomely killed.

    Meanwhile, Katherine Brewster and the Human Resistance ambush the T-850 that was responsible for the death of John Connor. A Tech-Com technician reprograms the cyborg to be sent back to 2003 to protect Kate and John's earlier selves. The T-850, with the assistance of several Tech-com soldiers manages to fight his way to the main gate of the Skynet bunker and he enters the time displacement machine.

    In the past, the T-850 rescues John and Kate from the T-X, and informs them that Judgment Day is to begin within the next few hours. He plans to acquire a plane from a nearby military base, and fly the pair to Crystal Peak, a bunker that will ensure their survival during the nuclear blasts. As they arrive at the base, the T-X reappears, and hits the T-850 into a prototype time machine: he is sent back into the future, arriving in a new, alternate future where Skynet has triumphed. ...

    Did You Know? Aspects of "Terminator 3: Redemption" were influenced by "Grand Theft Auto 3" though the development team were careful not to create a GTA clone. Paradigm has stated that 50 percent of the gameplay is vehicle-based, 25 percent with rail and the final 25 percent is character combat.

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