Intense Cinema | Syndicate

Syndicate (2012)

  • Writer: Alix Lambert
  • Writer: Richard Morgan
  • Publisher: Eagle6355
  • Runtime: 01:57:39
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  • In 2017, the Eurocorp mega-corporation is born after the world's largest corporate merger. In 2025, Eurocorp releases the DART chip, a neural implant that allows users to access the dataverse and makes most electronic devices obsolete. As a result of the DART chip, the world is no longer ruled by governments, but by large mega-corporations known as "Syndicates". However, only half of the world's population embraces the chip, while the "unchipped" are abandoned and denied the same benefits afforded by their chipped counterparts. Furthermore, corporate espionage for dominance between Syndicates becomes the norm, resulting in the creation of "Agents": bio-engineered and chip-augmented enforcers who protect the interests of their corporate masters.

    "Syndicate" takes place in 2069, Agent Miles Kilo, EuroCorp's latest agent equipped with the new prototype DART 6 chip created by Eurocorp scientist Lily Drawl. After a successful test run of the chip's abilities, EuroCorp CEO Jack Denham assigns him to kill Lily's counterpart at the rival Aspari syndicate. Accompanied by his mentor Agent Jules Merit, Kilo attacks the Los Angeles branch of Aspari and corners Chang, who shoots himself. Kilo then retrieves his chip. Kilo also learns from an encrypted conversation that Lily has been sharing information with Chang on creating the DART 6 chip. After fighting off the West Meld Solutions security forces and an Aspari agent, Kilo and Merit escape and return to Eurocorp's New York HQ, but Merit is seriously injured in the process.

    Although shocked by Lily's betrayal, Denham decides to have Kilo and Merit keep Lily under surveillance as she is too valuable to simply eliminate. As they observe her in her apartment, Lily has an angry conversation with a person named Kris before she is suddenly kidnapped by the Cayman-Global syndicate. Kilo fights off the Cayman-Global forces and follows Lily's abductors by catching a ride on one of their transports to their floating base in the Atlantic Ocean. Kilo kills a major Cayman-Global agent and rescues Lily, and they learn the syndicate is preparing a war against Eurocorp. ...

    Did You Know? In 2011, "Syndicate" was banned by Australian Classification Board. The board was especially critical of what it considered as the game's excessive violence, pointing out explicit depictions of dismemberment, decapitation, exposed flesh and bone from injuries, and copious blood spray. EA Australia has announced that they won't be appealing the decision or changing the game to meet the Board's concerns in the process complaining about what it felt to be Australia's "arcane censorship on games" and that "Syndicate" would be released on schedule and uncut in New Zealand with an adults-only rating.

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