Intense Cinema | Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition

Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition (2011)

  • Publisher: AquaFrost
  • Runtime: 00:26:52
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  • "Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition" follows Oni Akuma on his destructive journey to rule the world.

    Oni "Demon", also known as Kuruoshiki Oni "Mad Demon". Oni's name comes from the demons known as oni in Japanese mythology, who are said to be fearsome giants with fangs and horns that once terrorized and pillaged villages and travelers in ancient Japan.

    Oni has dark blue skin, glowing yellow-red eyes and glowing, spiky shoulder-length hair. He also gains fangs and short protrusions on his forehead, resembling growing horns. The top half of his gi has been been blown off by the amount of dark ki he emanates, showing off his stature; the prayer beads that were once around his neck now float about disconnected around his body. He also has claws on his fingers and toes, and no longer wears sandals; his voice also sounds much more demonic.

    Did You Know? Every character in the "Arcade Edition" received various tweaks, ranging from character balancing to new EX moves. "Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition" also added twin brothers Yun and Yang from the "Street Fighter 3" series as playable characters, and made Evil Ryu and Oni, previously only available as hidden bosses, playable out of the box.

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