Intense Cinema | State of Decay

State of Decay (2013)

  • Sneak Preview
  • Writer: Travis Stout
  • Publisher: Generic Gaming
  • Runtime: 01:04:15
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  • "State of Decay" follows Marcus, a store clerk who is an athlete and loves to hike; he is also a born leader. Returning from a fishing trip at Mt. Tanner, he finds the world has degenerated into a zombie apocalypse. With his friend Ed Jones, he reaches the ranger station and encounters Thomas Ritter and a small group of survivors. While searching the area for supplies and survivors, Marcus and Ed hear gunshots and they rescue Maya Torres, returning to the ranger station they find that one of the survivors has turned and killed the others. Ed searches Thomas Ritter's body and is attacked and bitten in the progress, he does however find a walkie-talkie which the trio use to talk to Thomas' daughter Lily. Lily directs them in escaping Mt. Tanner and making their way to a church called the Church of the Ascension, where she and several other survivors have made a home base. Ed rests up and Lily asks the player to find medicine at the local vet for him; he needs it if he's going to survive the bite wound. Marcus heads there with two other survivors. Upon returning, they find that Lily is using much of the medicine brought back because she has Lupus erythematosus. As the story progresses, the survivors become aware of the United States Army's presence in Trumbull Valley. It is soon apparent that the troops are not there to evacuate the survivors, but to seal off the valley to contain the zombie menace. ...

    Did You Know? On 2013, "State of Decay" has joined a long list of video games to be banned in Australia. The Australian Classification Board refused classification because "'State of Decay' contains the option of self-administered drugs throughout, in order to restore players' health or boost their stamina." On July 11, 2013 "State of Decay" was rated R18+ for high impact violence. Games containing drug use related to incentives or rewards have historically had problems being rated in Australia. In 2008 "Fallout 3" fell foul of the guidelines, prompting game publisher, Bethesda to steer clear of using real-world terms like morphine in its game. In 2007, "Blitz: The League" was refused classification for steroid use. It remains forbidden from sale in the country. In 2011, "Syndicate" was banned for excessive violence, dismemberment, decapitation, exposed flesh and bone from injuries, and copious blood spray. In 2013, "Saints Row IV" was banned due to implied sexual violence and drug use.

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