Intense Cinema | Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 (2010)

  • Director: Sylvain Doreau
  • Writers: George Lucas, Cameron Suey
  • Writer: Haden Blackman
  • Publisher: Gamers Little Playground
  • Runtime: 02:44:49
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  • "Star Wars: The Force Unleased 2" takes place approximately six months after the events of the first game, and a year before "Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope." "Star Wars: The Force Unleased 2" is described as the "dark entry" in the series, and a more personal story for the game's protagonist than the first game. Players control Starkiller's renegade clone, a failure of Darth Vader's attempt to create a perfect secret apprentice. After a vision that Darth Vader will kill him due to his inability to kill a test droid, the clone escapes from captivity on Kamino. After eliminating his stormtrooper captors, Starkiller embarks on a quest to understand his identity and to find his template's love interest from the first game, Juno Eclipse. Meanwhile, Darth Vader has hired Boba Fett to track down Juno Eclipse to lure Starkiller out of hiding.[6] Starkiller rescues Jedi Master Rahm Kota from a gladiatoral arena, and encounters Yoda on Dagobah.[13] After encountering strange visions on Dagobah, Starkiller rushes to Juno's ship, only to arrive just as Boba captures her.

    With help from Kota, the Rebels launch an all-out assault on Kamino. Starkiller crashes a ship into the planet's shield, allowing Kota to stage a ground assault, while he goes after Juno. In a confrontation with Vader, Juno is thrown out of a window, crashing to the ground. Starkiller, thinking Juno is dead, attacks Vader viciously, cutting off his hand and defeating him. Kota arrives with his men, and tells Starkiller not to kill Vader: he wants to interrogate the Sith lord for the Empire's secrets, then put him on trial, and then later execute him. ...

    Did You Know? In "Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2," Galen Marek/Darth Starkiller is brought back as a clone and is cloned on Kamino. In "Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones," Kamino was the planet, which was the location of the cloning facility, where bounty hunter Boba Fett and the clone army were cloned from renowned bounty hunter/Mandalorian warrior Jango Fett. Boba Fett appears in the game.

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