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Spider-Man: Edge of Time (2011)

  • Director: Gérard Lehiany
  • Writer: Peter David, Gérard Lehiany
  • Writer: Ramiro Bélanger
  • Publisher: Nick Soto
  • Runtime: 01:42:32
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  • "Spider-Man: Edge of Time" begins with Peter Parker/Spider-Man battling Anti-Venom, who suddenly kills him. Rewinding back to the starting of the event, in the year 2099 Miguel O'Hara/Spider-Man 2099 investigates Alchemax's scientist Walker Sloan. While spying on him, Spider-Man 2099 discovers Sloan's plan to travel back in time and establish Alchemax in the past years before its time, allowing him to rebuild the company in his own image and prevent its rivals from ever being established. Spider-Man 2099 arrives just as Sloan enters his Gateway, but jumps through the portal too late to stop him. Trapped in the portal, Spider-Man 2099 sees visions of the original Spider-Man being killed by Anti-Venom as history alters around him.

    Upon his return to 2099, Spider-Man 2099 (unaffected by the time change due to being trapped in the portal) discovers that Sloan's changes to the timeline have reduced New York City to a horrifying dystopia. Spider-Man 2099 then uses Peter Parker's DNA, stored within the company's archives, to create a chronal link with him, back in the present day. He then warns Spider-Man, now working for Alchemax in the genetics department instead of the Daily Bugle, about the events to come about his death in the Alchemax's building 66th floor. However, Spider-Man refuses to obey his orders to leave the building if innocent people are in danger and travels to the 66th floor. During their talks, the two Spider-Men discover that the wormhole between their timelines has created a 'quantum causality field', with the result that actions taken in the past automatically change the future; an example being Anti-Venom's attempt to drop a lift onto Spider-Man resulting in the lift that Spider-Man 2099 was using in the future becoming a closet. Travelling to the 66th floor, Spider-Man finds himself confronted by Anti-Venom, Sloan and Dr. Otto Octavius. Spider-Man battles Anti-Venom, but is eventually killed by him. Seconds later, Spider-Man 2099 pulls Spider-Man through the Gateway in an effort to save him.

    While sending Spider-Man to the future to revive him, Spider-Man 2099 travels through the portal into the past and battles Anti-Venom, breaking the chip that allowed Sloan and Octavius to control him. Furious, Anti-Venom knocks himself, Sloan and Octavius into the time portal, merging all three into a monster that Spider-Man dubs "Atrocity". ...

    Did You Know? The original score music was written by Gerard Marino, lead composer of the "God of War" series.

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