Intense Cinema | Singularity

Singularity (2010)

  • Director: Michael McCormick
  • Writers: Lindsey Allen, Michael Cassutt
  • Writers: Adam Foshko, Marc Guggenheim
  • Writers: Jason Henderson, Emily Silver
  • Publisher: iampanax
  • Runtime: 01:18:17
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  • "Singularity" begins when an electromagnetic surge from an uninhabited island called Katorga-12, once held by the Soviet Union, damages an American spy satellite. A group of U.S Recon Marines, which includes the protagonist, Captain Nathaniel Renko, goes to investigate. Another surge disables the unit's helicopter, and it crashlands on Katorga-12. Following the crash, Renko begins to phase between the present and 1955, the date of a catastrophic accident on the island. He arrives in 1955 just in time to save a scientist named Nikolai Demichev from dying in a fire. As he rescues Demichev, a man tries to warn Renko not to save him; the man is then killed in the fire.

    Back in the present, Renko discovers that Demichev has taken over the world. He is captured by Demichev's soldiers, but is rescued by Katheryn, a member of a resistance group called Mir-12. Based on a journal the group found on Katorga-12, Mir-12 believes that Renko can put an end to Demichev's reign using a time manipulation device (TMD) developed by Victor Barisov. Barisov was killed by Demichev in the past, so Renko uses the TMD to save Barisov.

    Back in the present, Renko and Barisov determine that they can set history right by returning to 1955 and destroying Katorga-12 with a bomb made from E-99, the material that caused the catastrophic accident in 1955. ...

    Did You Know? "Singularity's" concept was based on Brian and Steve Raffel's memories of the Cold War era and exploration of old abandoned buildings including a World War 2 military base in the vicinity of Madison, Wisconsin. Some aspects of "Singularity," especially the 1950s sections were inspired by pulp sci-fi movies.

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