Intense Cinema | Silent Hill: Downpour

Silent Hill: Downpour (2011)

  • Director: Brian Gomez
  • Writer: Hiroyuki Owaku
  • Writer: Keiichiro Toyama
  • Publisher: holymoly2207
  • Runtime: 02:52:21
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  • "Silent Hill: Downpour" centers on Murphy Pendleton, a prisoner who enters the town near Silent Hill, periodically entering the alternate dimension, and unlocks personal repressed memories.

    Murphy Pendleton makes a deal with corrupt officer George Sewell to gain access to sequestered pedophile, Patrick Napier, and murder him. Later, Murphy is sent to another penitentiary under the supervision of officer Anne Cunningham. The transport vehicle is forced to swerve off road to avoid a chasm in the road. Murphy awakens in a foggy setting and attempts to flee, but is confronted by Anne. While approaching him she falls into a deep pit. Murphy finds Silent Hill's outlying districts to be abandoned except for postman Howard Blackwood. While exploring, Murphy is transported to Otherworld, encountering a formless void which pursues him until he is returned to the foggy dimension. Murphy uses a sky tram to travel to Devil's Pit, a tourist attraction. He meets park ranger JP Sater who dismisses Murphy's strange experiences. After Murphy learns that Sater is indirectly responsible for the deaths of eight children, Sater jumps to his death. In downtown Silent Hill, Murphy again encounters Anne. She accuses him of a past crime, but is unable to shoot him and lets him go.

    Murphy explores the town, encountering monsters, apparitions and the periodic radio broadcasts of Bobby Ricks, who plays songs dedicated to Murphy. Murphy eventually locates the radio station and Ricks. Ricks requests Murphy's aid in escaping the town, where he has been trapped by unknown forces. Ricks suggests using his boat, but he has lost the keys. Anne interrupts them before all three are attacked by monsters and Murphy is knocked unconscious. Murphy recovers to find himself alone in Otherworld. ...

    Did You Know? Water and wetness are a common theme throughout "Silent Hill: Downpour" because of several events relating to Murphy's past. While outside, it rains at random, spawning more and more enemies with increasing aggression, encouraging Murphy to hide indoors. There are many obstructed areas flooded in water, water-based puzzles, and water based Otherworld settings.

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