Intense Cinema | Silent Hill 3

Silent Hill 3 (2003)

  • Director: Kazuhide Nakazawa
  • Writer: Hiroyuki Owaku
  • Writer: Keiichiro Toyama
  • Publisher: Fungo
  • Runtime: 02:01:30
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  • "Silent Hill 3" is the third installment in the "Silent Hill" series and a direct sequel to the first "Silent Hill" game. Set seventeen years after the events of "Silent Hill" in which Harry Mason defeats the god of the town cult and is given a baby girl to care for, Silent Hill 3 focuses on Heather Mason, a teenage girl raised by Harry in Portland. She discovers that the cult plans to use her to birth their god, and becomes caught in a conflict within the cult.

    Heather awakens at a shopping mall. Before she can leave the mall, a detective named Douglas Cartland confronts her, claiming to have information about her birth. Heather evades him and discovers that the mall is mostly abandoned except for monsters. She encounters the priestess of the Order, Claudia Wolf, who hints about Heather's fate. Heather finds herself in the Otherworld version of the mall — monster-filled and decaying — and is eventually restored back to the original shopping mall where she encounters Douglas, who confesses that Claudia had hired him to find her. Heather leaves the mall and resolves to take the subway home. Having arrived at her residence, Heather discovers that her father has been killed by a monster under the orders of Claudia, who tells her that she will be waiting for her in Silent Hill. ...

    Did You Know? In many areas of the Otherworld, the walls are a compact mess of red hues and a throbbing sound can be heard. This could be symbolic of a child in the womb, the red, "veiny" walls symbolic of the uterus, and the throbbing noise representing a heartbeat.

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