Intense Cinema | Shadow Complex

Shadow Complex (2009)

  • Directors: Donald Mustard, Geremy Mustard
  • Director: Howard Phillips
  • Writer: Peter David
  • Publisher: Greenalink
  • Runtime: 00:59:46
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  • The "Shadow Comples's" original script was written by comic book writer and Star Trek novelist Peter David. Cliff Bleszinski, design consultant at Epic Games for "Shadow Complex," indicated during an E3 interview that the game runs parallel to the events in the Orson Scott Card novel, "Empire," and that the game will dovetail with the sequel to the book, "Hidden Empire." "Empire" is a Chair-owned intellectual property that was licensed to Orson Scott Card to create a series of novels.

    "Shadow Complex" follows Jason Fleming and his new girlfriend Claire are backpacking in the Pacific Northwest when they come across some caverns. Claire opts to explore them, saying she used to go there as a child, but when she does not respond to Jason's calls, he follows her. He comes across a massive underground complex manned by numerous soldiers with high-end technology. ...

    Did You Know? Much the of "Shadow Complex's" 18-month development time was focused on the controls and making sure they worked, as creative director Donald Mustard believed that without controls that "feel sweet," "Shadow Complex" would have been poorly received.

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