Intense Cinema | Ryse: Son of Rome

Ryse: Son of Rome (2013)

  • Directors: Cevat Yerli, Peter Gornstein
  • Director: Rasmus Højengaard
  • Writers: Adrian Vershinin, Rasmus Højengaard
  • Writers: Peter Gornstein, Steven Hall
  • Publisher: Gamers Little Playground
  • Runtime: 01:59:35
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  • "Ryse: Son of Rome" tells the story of the young Roman soldier Marius Titus who witnesses the murder of his family at the hands of barbarian bandits. Seeking revenge, he travels with the Roman army to Britannia where he proves himself a soldier of phenomenal skill and quickly rises through the ranks. Though already a Soldier serving in the relatively peaceful second legion, he is transferred to the 14th, commanded by Vitallion, a friend of his murdered father. The story begins with him repelling a barbarian invasion of Rome and rescuing the emperor, Nero.

    The story follows Roman general Marius Titus as a soldier serving in the relatively peaceful II Legion, holding a post in Alexandria, returning to his family in Rome and enjoying the adulation of his father Leontius, himself a retired legionary, now a Senator calling for reforms and the censure of Emperor Nero. Leontius, seeing potential in his son, relates the legend of "Damocles," a legendary Roman general who was abandoned to his enemies due to political expediency. With the help of Nemesis, goddess of revenge, Damocles returned from the underworld to bring vengeance to those who wronged him; his legend today serves as a moral to never be careless with the lives of Roman soldiers.

    Marius' visit is cut short as a barbarian invasion takes place, resulting in the death of his parents and younger sister. In his dying words, Leontius bids Marius to slay "them". Commander Vitallion, a friend of the slain Leontius, transfers Marius to his XIV Legion, and promises Marius vengeance for his murdered family. Vitallion leads the XIV Legion to Britain, where the fleet is ambushed off the coast; Marius leads the counter-attack, nearly single-handedly preventing the destruction of the remainder of the fleet, impressing Vitallion enough to earn a promotion to Centurion. ...

    Did You Know? "Ryse 2" was cancelled because of a conflict between Crytek and Microsoft over who would own the rights to the franchise. In exchange for funding "Ryse 2's" development, Microsoft wanted to take over the "Ryse" intellectual property, something Crytek couldn't agree to, so both parties decided not to continue.

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