Intense Cinema | Resistance: Fall of Man

Resistance: Fall of Man (2006)

  • Director: Brian Hastings
  • Writer: Brian Hastings
  • Publisher: 1nK Gaming
  • Runtime: 05:50:00
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  • "Resistance: Fall of Man" takes place in an alternate history 1951, and follows Sgt. Nathan Hale as he and the human resistance forces attempt to drive a mysterious alien-like invasion out of Britain.

    By 1949 an alien race known as the Chimera spread throughout Europe. Originating in Russia, the creatures propagate by infecting humans virally; mutating them into fellow Chimeran breeds. Their rapid infection and warfare overwhelm the continent as nations fall. Within months, the Chimera cross the English Channel by digging tunnels underneath and invade the United Kingdom, which quickly loses the war and has its troops scattered.

    In 1951, the game begins with the protagonist Sgt. Nathan Hale, on his way with a large United States task force, to retrieve a secret weapon that the British claim can be used against the Chimera in exchange for supplies. However, soon after landing in York, the forces are ambushed by the Chimera and the remnants are quickly wiped out by a Chimeran spire attack, which unleashes insect like creatures that infects all of the soldiers. Hale, the only survivor, resists the full effects of infection and does not go into a coma. Instead, he possesses increased strength, health regeneration and gold-coloured irises, somewhat like the Chimera.

    Hale continues on his mission, meeting and rescuing Captain Rachel Parker while escaping from a Chimeran biological conversion center in Grimsby. Parker then assists Hale over the radio for the rest of his mission. Hale and the British forces eventually manage to recover the secret weapon in Manchester and deliver it to one of the resistance's headquarters in Cheshire, only to find it under attack by Chimeran forces. It is revealed that the secret weapon is actually an Angel, a Chimeran creature that British Intelligence was able to capture. The Angels are the most powerful form of Chimeran creature, thought to control the rest of the Chimera forces through a form of telepathy. The Angel attempts to enter Hale's mind, but he manages to shoot the creature in the head with his rifle, killing it.

    Hale continues with the war effort, assisted by Lieutenant Stephen Cartwright, a British Royal Marines Commando. The two of them eventually discover that the Chimera have established a series of metallic towers containing Angels throughout Britain, all inter-connected by a series of underground power conduits. Evidence indicates that the towers were excavated, not constructed, adding more mystery to the origin of the Chimera. After helping the resistance evacuate their last major stronghold in Bristol as the Chimera wipe it out, Hale enters the underground Chimeran tunnels and discovers that the main tower in Britain is located in London. Hale deduces that destroying this central tower will result in the total defeat of the Chimera in Britain. ...

    Did You Know? The Church of England threatened to sue Sony for the recreation of Manchester Cathedral, unless they gave an apology and removed "Resistance: Fall of Man" from the shelves. Though the church never attained either as they had no grounds to sue, and sales of the game increased dramatically in the UK. Manchester Cathedral noted increased attendance from tourists since the release of "Resistance: Fall of Man."

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