Intense Cinema | Resistance 2

Resistance 2 (2008)

  • Director: Brian Hastings
  • Writer: T.J. Fixman, Ted Price
  • Writer: Brian Hastings
  • Publisher: 1nK Gaming
  • Runtime: 04:53:57
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  • "Resistance 2" sees protagonist Nathan Hale travel to the United States in order to once again battle the Chimera, who have launched a full-scale invasion of both the east and west coasts. In "Resistance 2," Hale is part of an elite force of soldiers called "The Sentinels", who, like him, are infected with the Chimeran virus, and must keep it under control through regular application of inhibitors.

    After destroying the Chimera Tower in London in 1951, Nathan Hale is extracted by Special Research Projects Administration (SRPA) soldiers in a VTOL aircraft, and sedated. Upon arrival at the SRPA "Igloo" Base in Iceland, they find it under attack by Chimera forces. Their VTOL is shot down by a Chimera Goliath and only Hale and Major Richard Blake of the SRPA survive. As the two make their way to safety, they encounter and unknowingly unleash Daedalus, an incredibly powerful Chimeran creature that is apparently controlling the Chimera Army. Hale and Blake find Russian scientist Fyodor Malikov who has been working with the SRPA investigating the Chimeran virus, and are able to safely extract him to America before the Chimera overrun the base.

    Hale is introduced to the Sentinels, others like Hale who have been exposed to the Chimeran virus, giving them superhuman strength and regenerative abilities, but take regular injections of an inhibitor to prevent them from fully succumbing to its effects. Over the next two years, Hale is promoted to Lieutenant and becomes a part of the Sentinel special force in charge of Echo Squad in the place of the KIA Lt. Hank Leavitt (revealed in Intel during the Cooperative campaign) - comprising Sergeant Ben Warner, Specialist Aaron Hawthorne and Corporal Joseph Capelli - and put on the same regimen of inhibitors to prevent the virus from changing him further.

    On May 15, 1953, the Chimera launches a full-scale invasion of the United States, attacking the country from both the east and west and overwhelming their defenses. Due to the attack, the United States declares war against the Chimera. Hale, Malikov, and most of the surviving SRPA soldiers escape from the destruction of their base at SRPA 3 in San Francisco after Hale kills a Chimeran sea monster, referred to as a Kraken as the Chimera lay waste to the city. The SRPA units pursue a damaged Chimera battleship to Orick, California, where they manage to board the battleship and destroy it using explosive charges.

    Following their escape, they are shot down and crash near Twin Falls, Idaho which lies on the Liberty Defense Perimeter. Hale and other Sentinels successfully reactivate two defensive towers to repel the Chimera fleet, which was about to breach the perimeter, after Hale knocks a giant leaper-like Chimera known as "The Mother Spinner" off one of the towers, sending it falling to its doom. Hale refuses to return to base for his inhibitor treatment, disregarding the fact that he is long overdue, and instead takes a black ops squad to 'Station Genesis' in Bryce Canyon, Utah in order to extract Malikov from the base before a Chimera attack force wipes out SRPA troops there. ...

    Did You Know? The first chapter of "Resistance 2" is India Eight-Two Crash Site, which is an Easter Egg because the title means "Resistance 2", in military terms India stands for "I" and of course Eight(8) Two(2) and "Resistance: Fall of Man" was originally codenamed I-8, hence when "Resistance 2" (the sequel) came along it would have been named "Resistance: Fall of Man 2" (I-8-2 = India Eight-Two).

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