Intense Cinema | Outlast: Whistleblower

Outlast: Whistleblower (2014)

  • Writer: J.T. Petty
  • Publisher: The Gamer Snake
  • Runtime: 02:02:31
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  • "Outlast: Whistleblower" is an overlapping prequel to the "Outlast". "Outlast: Whistleblower" follows Waylon Park, the anonymous tipster to Miles Upshur and shows the events both before and after the main plotline.

    Waylon Park, after witnessing the torture of Eddie Gluskin in the "Morphogenic Engine", sends an anonymous e-mail to Miles Upshur on the corruption of Mount Massive Asylum. Shortly after sending it, he is caught by his employer, Jeremy Blaire, who at first the player thinks Blaire has seen him send the e-mail, but does not, and has Park committed as a "Morphogenic Engine" test subject. After The Walrider breaks free a few hours later, Park manages to escape his restraints amidst the chaos, taking a camcorder with him.

    Encountering several prisoners along the way, Park struggles to stay alive and soon encounters Frank Manera, a cannibalistic prisoner who kills and then eats a fellow prisoner in front of Park, all before setting his sights on the protagonist.

    Watching as surviving guards and personnel try to escape from the newly freed prisoners, Park searches for a radio to contact the authorities. Eluding Manera on several more occasions, Park reaches a radio, only to be attacked by Blaire; destroying the radio, Blaire insists that Mount Massive's secret remain hidden, before leaving Park to die at the hands of inmate Chris Walker.

    Park escapes to the vocational block and is quickly chased by an inmate named Dennis and is forced into the area with Gluskin, who survived the initial experiments earlier on but became psychotic through the tests. Gluskin plans to perform a very crude sex change with a buzzsaw on numerous male patients in order to try and create a perfect wife, and some of his creations are seen whilst fleeing, such as a dead male whose genitals were mutilated and arranged to resemble a vagina, then had an adult male's head placed between the legs in the new "vagina" to simulate birth. Running from Gluskin, Park falls into an elevator shaft ...

    Did You Know? The car you arrive in the first "Outlast" is the same vehicle you escape at the end.

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