Intense Cinema | Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid (1998)

  • Director: Hideo Kojima
  • Writer: Hideo Kojima
  • Writer: Tomokazu Fukushima
  • Publisher: Kefka Production
  • Runtime: 04:00:06
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  • "Metal Gear Solid" follows Solid Snake, a soldier who infiltrates a nuclear weapons facility to neutralize the terrorist threat from FOXHOUND, a renegade special forces unit. Snake must liberate two hostages, the head of DARPA and the president of a major arms manufacturer, confront the terrorists, and stop them from launching a nuclear strike.

    The story is set between February 21 and 27, 2005, six years after the events of "Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake," and 10 years after the events of the original "Metal Gear." A genetically enhanced, renegade special forces unit, FOXHOUND, leads an armed uprising on a remote island in Alaska's Fox Archipelago. This island, codenamed "Shadow Moses", is the site of a nuclear weapons disposal facility. The forces that seized this island, led by a mercenary known as Liquid Snake, have acquired the nuclear-capable mecha, Metal Gear REX, and are threatening the U.S government with a nuclear reprisal if they do not receive the remains of the "legendary mercenary" Big Boss within 24 hours. Solid Snake is forced out of retirement and is dispatched at the request of Colonel Roy Campbell to penetrate the terrorists' defenses and neutralize the threat. ...

    Did You Know? Solid Snake is based on John Carpenter's character of Snake Plissken from (1981) "Escape From New York," who was originally portrayed by Kurt Russell. This is often referenced and more evident in the later games. In "Metal Gear Solid 2," when found by Raiden, Snake calls himself Iroquois Plisken. In "Metal Gear Solid 4," Snake wears an eye patch over his left eye like Snake Plissken. The voice over style is also along the same lines.

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