Intense Cinema | Mark of the Ninja

Mark of the Ninja (2012)

  • Designer: Nels Anderson
  • Publisher: fhgdw
  • Runtime: 04:47:37
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  • "Mark of the Ninja" begins with an attack by a heavily armed force on the dojo of the Hisomu ninja clan. The unnamed ninja protagonist, resting after receiving an extensive irezumi tattoo, is awakened by a female ninja named Ora. Gathering his equipment, the protagonist is able to defeat the attackers and rescue his sensei, Azai, as well as several other members of the clan. Azai tells him about the power of his tattoo and the legend surrounding it, explaining that the ink comes from a special desert flower and grants greatly sharpened senses and reflexes when absorbed slowly into the body, but will ultimately cause one so tattooed with it to descend into madness. To receive the Mark, a ninja swears to commit seppuku once the madness takes hold.

    After the protagonist receives his second tattoo, he and Ora are tasked to take revenge on the PMCs responsible for the attack on the dojo: a corporation called Hessian, run by a ruthless Eastern European plutocrat named Colonel Karajan. Meanwhile, the horishi artist Dosan expresses concern over the tattoo ink's quality and promises to learn why Azai has not procured a fresh supply. The protagonist invades Hessian's East Asian regional headquarters and murders Corporal Kelly, the Hessian employee who lead the attack on the dojo, and, using a stolen GPS tracking unit, stalks Karajan to his castle in Eastern Europe and horrifically slays him. Upon returning home, the protagonist and Ora see that their clan has stolen a great deal of high tech military equipment from Hessian, leaving them to realize that Azai's plan had been to rob Karajan and replace the old Hisomu Path with a modern, technological approach to espionage. Instead of committing seppuku, the protagonist flees with Ora to find Dosan, who had left a message indicating that he had personally gone in search of the mysterious desert flower. ...

    Did You Know? Lead designer Nels Anderson has stated that his principal inspiration in making "Mark of the Ninja" was the lack of stealthy ninjas in games like "Ninja Gaiden," which he felt should be the norm, and Klei Entertainment founder Jamie Cheng said that it was important to the developers to make nonlethal tactics rewarding to the player "It took a lot of experimentation to allow players to feel like a badass ninja while at the same time feel the risk of being exposed.

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