Intense Cinema | Kane & Lynch: Dead Men

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men (2007)

  • Director: Jens-Peter Kurup
  • Writers: Martin Madsen, Oliver Winding
  • Writer: Jens-Peter Kurup
  • Publisher: Recoil Production
  • Runtime: 01:34:39
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  • Adam "Kane" Marcus is a former member of The 7, the most powerful clan of mercenaries in the world. Kane was thought to be the only survivor from The 7, and it was rumored that he escaped with a small fortune, though there is little evidence to support this theory. Kane was arrested shortly after his return to the United States and was convicted for the deaths of the Venezuelan citizens. While being transported to his execution, the prison convoy is attacked by a group of men working for the surviving members of The7, who promptly abduct him. Sometime later, he learns that four of his former comrades are indeed alive and are furious at his "betrayal". They inform him that they have his wife and daughter, and, though they will kill him, they are willing to spare them if he returns the loot from the Venezuelan job to them. In order to make sure he follows through, they assign "Lynch", a medicated psychopath convicted of killing his wife who wishes to join The 7, to keep an eye on him.

    The story opens with a voiceover of Adam 'Kane' Marcus, reading a letter addressed to his daughter Jenny. Kane is traveling to death row after being convicted of manslaughter. Another death row inmate, James Seth Lynch, lets on there will be a breakout. Their truck is involved in a head-on collision by a group of mercenaries. The two are taken to a construction site, where they are confronted by four members of a gang of criminals called The 7, led by The Brothers and their henchmen Carlos (a close friend of Kane) and Mute. They accuse Kane of stealing money from them, and reveal that they have taken his wife and daughter hostage. Kane is given three weeks to retrieve the money or his wife and daughter will be killed.

    After the meeting with The 7, police officers arrive and the two are forced to shoot their way out of the construction site. Later, Kane explains that he did not steal from The 7, but knows who did, and where they hid it. Kane and Lynch rob a local bank where the money is being kept. Though only half of the money is inside the safe, Kane believes he knows where the other half is. Meanwhile, Lynch, who suffers from periodic episodes of violent psychosis, blacks out and kills all of the hostages after his medication wears off, forcing Kane and Lynch to shoot their way out and flee in a van driven by their getaway driver. Losing the police in the subway after the van crashes, Kane informs Lynch that they need to go to Tokyo to retrieve the other half of the money. ...

    Did You Know? "Kane & Lynch: Dead Men" was originally going to revolve around Kane, with Lynch acting as a sidekick. But as the development went on, they decided to include Lynch in the story. Anders Poulsen was the lead character artist. According to him, he wanted to make characters "like no other." Kane was the first character to be designed, but was very different from his final appearance. When Lynch was brought in, it added more "life" to Kane's character.

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