Intense Cinema | Infinity Blade 2

Infinity Blade 2 (2011)

  • Director: Donald Mustard
  • Simon Hurley
  • Donald Mustard
  • Geremy Mustard
  • Brandon Sanderson
  • Publisher: Apps4Gamers.Com
  • Runtime: 00:15:37
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  • "Infinity Blade 2" begins with Siris, the main character, and his companion Isa arriving at an Japanese-themed estate owned by Saydhi, one of the Deathless and an information dealer. Isa appeals to Siris not to go further, but when he persists, she reluctantly explains that Saydhi will answer one question if he can fight his way to her by defeating her champions. Once he does, Saydhi offers him a place as one of her champions. Siris refuses and instead asks her where the Worker of Secrets is. Suddenly suspicious, Saydhi tells Siris where to find the Worker, but attacks him immediately. Once Siris defeats her, he notices a pedestal with a keyhole that fits the Infinity Blade. He proceeds to slide the sword in it, and the pedestal disappears into the ground.

    Suddenly, Raidriar, The God King, appears behind Siris clutching the Infinity Blade. Calling Siris "Ausar," the God King takes the blade and prepares to stab Siris. However, before he can deal the fatal blow, Isa appears on a rooftop and shoots Siris in the head with a crossbow, killing him abruptly. The God King lays down the blade in frustration.

    Siris awakes on a cot in an industrial-looking chamber, naked save for a loin cloth, realizing that he too is a Deathless. He journeys to a tall castle, reminiscent of the one from the first game, though this one is crumbling. He battles his way into the tower and up to the top floor where he finds Thane, High Lord of House Ix, sitting before a round seal in the floor showing a great tree. When Siris defeats him and moves to break the seal, Thane warns that Siris will lose his life in the process. Siris reveals his immortality to Thane before breaking the seal and dying.

    Again, Siris wakes in the chamber, apparently unscathed. He returns to the castle again and battles his way through. He must now defeat three 'Blood Sentinels': the Archivist, in the library; the Stone Demon, beneath the arena; and a mortal (Exo-Pilot) who guards the seals with an MX-Goliath, a large robotic warrior suit. After he defeats each, Siris unlocks another seal, dying each time and being reborn in the mysterious chamber. ...

    Did You Know? In the credits, "Infinity Blade 2" is revealed to be dedicated to Steve Jobs.

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