Intense Cinema | Far Cry Primal

Far Cry Primal (2016)

  • Director: Jean-Christophe Guyot
  • Writers: Jean-Sebastien Decant, Ian Ryan
  • Writers: Kevin Shortt, Lynne Kamm
  • Writer: Susan Patrick
  • Publisher: Gamer's Little Playground
  • Runtime: 01:36:34
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  • "Far Cry Primal" is set in 10,000 BC during the beginning of the Mesolithic period in Europe. It takes place in the fictional Oros valley in Central Europe, an open world filled with different types of flora, fauna and prehistoric wildlife such as mammoths, dire wolves, cave bear, cave lions, woolly rhinos, Irish elk and saber-toothed cats along with ancestors of modern creatures like brown bears, badgers, and deer. Survival is a daily challenge as tribes come into conflict with one another and nature.

    Takkar, a hunter from the Wenja tribe, barely survives after his hunting party is ambushed and killed by a sabretooth cat as they travel to the land of Oros. Resigned to proceed alone, Takkar meets Sayla, a woman also from the Wenja, and once they arrive at Oros, Sayla informs Takkar that the Wenja are scattered and homeless across the land after their village was destroyed by Ull, leader of the Neanderthal-like Udam tribe who live in the northern mountains, and hunt down the Wenja to cannibalize them. Takkar then starts gathering the Wenja he meets around his cave, eventually encountering the shaman Tensay, who helps him to learn the ability to tame the local animals. After repelling an attack from Ull to his newly established village, Takkar enlists the help of three other skilled Wenja: Jayma, a veteran huntress, Wogah, a one-armed craftsman, and Karoosh, a one-eyed warrior with his own vendetta against the Udam.

    Did You Know? The soundtrack of "Far Cry Primal" was created with percussion instruments, stone, clay, and an Aztec death whistle. It was composed by Jason Graves. Each tribe has its own distinct music profiles. The Wenja tribe features ram's horn and solo flute, while the Izilia features Aztec death whistles, female vocals and ritualistic percussion.

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