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Far Cry 4 (2014)

  • Directors: Laurent Bernier, Alex Hutchinson
  • Writers: Liz Albl, Li C. Kuo
  • Writer: C.J. Kershner
  • Publisher: Gamers Little Playground
  • Runtime: 02:35:29 / 02:52:21
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  • The story was inspired by the ten-year-long Maoist insurgency in Nepal. "Far Cry 4" follows Ajay Ghale, a young Kyrati-American of Nepali origin who returns to his native country of Kyrat (a fictional Himalayan country derived from Kirati, a collection of Himalayan people originating from Tibet) to spread his deceased mother's ashes. Kyrat was once an autonomous state in the Himalayas ruled by a royal family before a series of perpetual civil wars. Ajay finds the country in a state of conflict between Kyrat's Royal Army led by the country's eccentric and tyrannical king Pagan Min and the Golden Path, a rebel movement fighting to free Kyrat from Min's oppressive rule. The choices Ajay makes will determine the fate of Kyrat.

    After the death of his mother Ishwari, Ajay Ghale (James A. Woods) returns to his home country of Kyrat to carry out Ishwari's final wish by scattering her ashes in a place called Lakshmana. However, his mission is interrupted when his bus is attacked by the Royal Army and he is taken prisoner by Pagan Min (Troy Baker), the country's eccentric and violent king who claims to have been romantically involved with Ishwari. After finding his way through Pagan's mansion and basement, Ajay escapes with the aid of Sabal (Naveen Andrews), a commander in the Golden Path, a rebel movement established by Ajay's father, Mohan Ghale. Ajay is not able to leave the country as the royal army have taken control of the country's only airport, making Ajay trapped in the country with no way of getting out.

    In the twenty years since Ishwari and Ajay fled Kyrat, the rebellion has stagnated, with the Golden Path fighting for their very existence. As the son of Mohan Ghale, Ajay becomes a symbol for the Golden Path to rally around, and after freeing a group of hostages and liberating territory held by Pagan, they plan on breaking Pagan's stranglehold on power by targeting his three regional governors: Paul "De Pleur" Harmon (Travis Willingham), who oversees opium production and runs Pagan's torture chambers; Noore Najjar (Mylène Dinh-Robic), who runs poaching and prostitution rings and is herself a victim of Pagan's cruelty after he kidnapped her family; and Yuma Lau (Gwendoline Yeo), Min's adopted sister and trusted general who is obsessed with uncovering the secrets of the mystical realm of Shangri-La.

    However, the Golden Path's newfound momentum is threatened by deep divisions between its commanders Sabal, who favors traditional values at the expense of some outdated world views; and Amita (Janina Gavankar), who argues for progress, which includes heavily relying on drug trade. Ajay is forced to intervene on several occasions, with his decisions influencing the direction the Golden Path will take. ...

    Did You Know? The music intro line "Should I stay or should I go", hints to the fact you can go along with the story, or stay and finish the story in just 15 minutes.

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