Intense Cinema | Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon (2013)

  • Director: Laurent Bernier
  • Writer: Jeffrey Yohalem
  • Publisher: CommunityGame
  • Runtime: 03:03:51
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  • "Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon" is a satire of 1980s action films. The story takes place on a retro-futuristic open world island crawling with evil, with players assuming the action role of eye-patched cyborg protagonist Sergeant Rex Power Colt.

    "Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon" is set in a fictional 2007, where the world is suffering the aftermath of a nuclear war between the United States and Russia. Rex is an American cybernetic super-soldier. He and another American cyber-soldier named Spider travel to an unnamed island to investigate Colonel Sloan, an elite agent who has gone rogue. Upon confronting Sloan, he reveals his treachery, kills Spider, and knocks out Rex.

    Rex is awoken by Sloan's Canadian assistant Dr. Darling, who, disillusioned with his goals, betrays him. Rex teams up with Dr. Darling to overthrow Sloan's plan to revert the world to a prehistoric-like state with his rockets, armed with the blood of the "blood dragons" that roam the island. After liberating bases, saving scientists, and killing animals, Rex fights Sloan's assistant Dr. Carlyle, who has used the blood of blood dragons to turn humans into zombie-like creatures called "the running dead". ...

    Did You Know? The island used in "Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon" is the Thruston Town section of the South Island in "Far Cry 3" only altered to match Blood Dragon's post-apocalyptic environment.

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