Intense Cinema | Driver: San Francisco

Driver: San Francisco (2011)

  • with commentary
  • Director: Martin Edmondson
  • Writer: James Worrall
  • Writer: Tom George
  • Writer: Ian Mayor
  • Publisher: micgamer16
  • Runtime: 07:06:24
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  • After the shootings in Istanbul, Jericho was revived from his gunshot wounds. After recovery, he eluded the security and escaped the Istanbul hospital, fleeing from Turkey and escaping back to the U.S. After 6 months of searching him, Tanner and Jones managed to find him and arrest him. He is currently in San Francisco, awaiting trial.

    At the beginning of "Driver: San Francisco," Jericho is shown being transported in the back of a prison truck to his trial. A hired assassin fires an RPG at the convoy; whilst Jericho's guards are distracted, he melts through his chains with a hidden vial of acid given to him by a bribed guard. He overpowers his guards, and hijacks the truck. Tanner and Jones witness this from Tanner's car and pursue Jericho as he causes havoc on the streets of the city. Tanner loses track of Jericho when he turns into an alley, and is caught by surprise when Jericho drives up behind him. Jericho uses the truck to ram Tanner's car into the path of a semi truck, resulting in a devastating crash, putting Tanner into a coma.

    Whilst in a coma dream, Tanner soon discovers his ability to "shift" into another person's body, retaining his persona but, to everyone else, looking and sounding exactly the same as the person he has shifted into. Using this confusing power, Tanner helps people around the city whilst trying to figure out Jericho's plan. ...

    Did You Know? "Driver: San Francisco" has one of the largest driving environments. The game's San Francisco recreation has about 208 miles (335 km) of roads. Various landmarks are recreated in the game including half of the Bay Bridge and parts of Marin County and Oakland.

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