Intense Cinema | Devil May Cry 4

Devil May Cry 4 (2008)

  • Director: Hideaki Itsuno
  • Writer: Bingo Morihashi
  • Publisher: Valentin Kovalenko
  • Runtime: 01:52:20
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  • "Devil May Cry 4" is the fourth installment to the "Devil May Cry" series and it is a sequel to the first two "Devil May Cry" video games. The story follows Nero, a teenager posssessing demonic powers who is on a mission to stop the series' main character, Dante, after he assassinates demons from the The Order of the Sword including its leader.

    Nero is a young man who works as a demon hunter for the The Order of the Sword that worships the Legendary Dark Knight Sparda as a god. When he goes to the Opera House to see his romantic interest Kyrie perform for The Order of the Sword's ceremony, the Order's high priest Sanctus is murdered by Dante, the son of Sparda who appears suddenly after crashing through a skylight. The Order's Holy Knights, led by Kyrie's older brother Credo, try to subdue Dante but he defeats them easily. Promising to return with help, Credo takes Kyrie to safety and leaves Nero to stall Dante. Tapping into his dormant demonic power, Nero overwhelms Dante. Impressed, Dante, before leaving, reveals that the Holy Knights members he killed were actually demons. Credo gives Nero the task of stopping Dante in Fortuna Castle.

    In the castle, Nero discovers that Order of the Sword's Agnus has secretly been experimenting with demonic power using the demonic energy from Yamato, the long lost sword that used to belong to Dante's brother, Vergil. Agnus has created an army of demon infused warriors and several Hell Gates across Fortuna under the orders of Sanctus himself who has revived as a demon. Nero fights Agnus fully unlocking his own dormant demonic power thanks to Yamato. Agnus flees to Headquarters Nero follows him as he tries to piece together The Order's plan involving the Hell Gates. He discovers that Credo is part of the conspiracy, having similarly become a demon. Credo has been tasked by Sanctus to stop Nero, while Gloria has taken up Nero's job of hunting Dante. However, Credo stops his mission when Agnus uses Kyrie as a bait to capture Nero. ...

    Did You Know? "Devil May Cry 4" is the first and only game so far in which the main character (Danta) is not the main protagonist.

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