Intense Cinema | Deadlight

Deadlight (2012)

  • Director: Chris Charla
  • Director: Luis Ma Sancho Rodríguez
  • Writer: Raúl Rubio Munárriz
  • Writer: Antonio Rojano Mora
  • Writer: Tony Elias
  • Writer: Ian Stevens
  • Publisher: MorninAfterKill
  • Runtime: 03:05:07
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  • "Deadlight" takes place in Seattle in 1986 after the near-total decimation of society following the outbreak of a virus that reanimates the dead. Randall Wayne, a park ranger from the town of Hope in Canada, is a survivor of the event and has since been separated from his family; his wife Shannon and daughter Lydia. Randall has come to Seattle because of reports that located within the city is the last remaining "Safe Point" on the Pacific Northwest, and he is convinced that this is where Shannon and Lydia have come. Accompanied by his friend and fellow park ranger, Ben Parker, Randall has since joined with a group of three other people; an elderly police officer named Sam and two twin sisters, Stella and Karla.

    As the story begins, Randall is seen shooting Karla in the head, as she has been bitten and is about to turn into a Shadow. As the others return to the warehouse in which they are sheltering and confront him, the building is attacked by Shadows who have been drawn to it by the gunshot. Ben, Sam and Stella flee through a skylight, but the ladder breaks before Randall can follow, and so he tells them to get to the safe point, and that he will meet them there, reminding them to stay on the lookout for his family.

    Randall escapes the warehouse and sets out across the dilapidated city. He soon learns of a violent militia group calling themselves "The New Law," who kill anyone that won't join them. After finding Sam's van crashed on the side of the road, Randall comes across Sam in a nearby shop. He is seriously wounded, and bleeding to death. The van had been ambushed by The New Law, who took Ben and Stella with them and left Sam for dead. Sam tells Randall that the safe point isn't real, but is actually a trap set up by The New Law, hoping to lure in survivors, so they can kill them and take any supplies they may have. After Sam dies, Randall sets out, determined to rescue his family and friends from the The New Law. ...

    Did You Know? "Deadlight" was intended as a throwback to the classic sidescrolling games of the 1980s and early 1990s, such as "Prince of Persia," "Another World" and "Flashback,."

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