Intense Cinema | Dead Space 2: Severed

Dead Space 2: Severed (2011)

  • with commentary
  • Writer: Jeremy Bernstein
  • Publisher: ArmoryGaming
  • Runtime: 01:20:03
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  • "Dead Space 2: Severed" is set three years after the events of "Dead Space: Extraction," and shortly before the event of "Dead Space 2." Gabe Weller now works for the Sprawl Security. During a patrol in the Titan Mines, the Necromorph outbreak was unleashed. Gabe then has to fight his way through the Sprawl, find Lexine and escape from the infested station. Gabe's story runs parallel to Isaac Clarke's experiences in "Dead Space 2;" this can be seen throughout Severed as Gabe stumbles upon the remains of Isaac's various battles.

    Did You Know? The "Dead Space 2: Severed's" cover pays homage to the "Dead Space 2" cover art, with Gabe instead of Isaac.

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