Intense Cinema | Dead Rising 2: Reckoning

Dead Rising 2: Reckoning (2010)

  • Publisher: Cutting Edge Productions
  • Runtime: 01:48:41
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  • "Dead Rising 2: Reckoning" takes place between "Dead Rising 2: Case Zero" and "Dead Rising 2". The story focuses on the consequences of past events.

    Set 2 years after the events of Willamette, the story focuses on Chuck Greene, a former motorcross champion and living father. After the Las Vegas zombie outbreak, Chuck's wife is infected and bites their daughter Katie. Forced to leave his wife behind, Chuck sets off with his daughter in an attempt to find a safe haven from the outbreak while also trying to keep his daughter alive with Zombrex, a drug produced by the pharmaceutical company Phenotrans which prevents the virus from consuming the body. The journey across a desolate Nevada is filled with unexpected twists and turns with hordes of the undead lining every corner. How far is Chuck willing to save his daughter, and what is the true reason zombies have sprung up across Nevada?

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