Intense Cinema | Dead Rising 2: Case Zero

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero (2010)

  • with commentary
  • Director: Yoshinori Kawano
  • Director: Alistair Abell
  • Writer: Annie Reid
  • Publisher: JesusQuesadilla
  • Runtime: 01:46:06
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  • "Dead Rising: Case Zero" takes place two years after the events of "Dead Rising" and three years before "Dead Rising 2," intended to "bridge the gap" between the two games, acting as the demo for "Dead Rising 2." "Dead Rising: Case Zero" is one hour long, equivalent to 12 hours in "Dead Rising" time.

    Acting as a prologue to "Dead Rising 2," Chuck Greene flees Las Vegas with his daughter Katey after an outbreak occurs, his wife dying at some point during it. In need of fuel and looking to stock up on supplies, Chuck and Katey stop at the gas station in the small desert town of Still Creek. After giving Katey a dose of Zombrex, Chuck has a look around town after hearing an explosion. Hearing screams and gunfire, he looks outside to see a large plume of smoke over the containment zone further down the road. Then someone steals Chuck’s truck, leaving the two stranded, just as zombies begin to infest the town. They take shelter in the gas station and barricade the entrance. With Katey needing a shot of Zombrex very soon, Chuck searches Still Creek for the drug and a way out of town.

    Chuck Greene and his daughter Katey are fleeing from the outbreak in Las Vegas, where Katey's mother turned into a zombie and bit Katey. Chuck hears on the radio that the military has set up a 50 mile perimeter around Las Vegas, which includes a nearby town called Still Creek, 46 miles away from the overrun city. The military is planning on quarantining the entire zone and screening everyone at the blockades, one of which is at the eastern end of the town.

    After Chuck and Katey arrive in the desert town of Still Creek, they stop at a gas station for supplies. Chuck gets out, and places his hand near the grill of his truck, presumably hot. Their truck and supply of Zombrex is soon stolen by a survivor. Unfortunately for Chuck, the last of the soldiers at the blockade have been killed, leaving him and his daughter trapped in the overrun town without help. Whilst searching an overturned ambulance for Zombrex, he overhears from the radio of a dead soldier that the military plans on taking back the town come nightfall; now Chuck not only has to survive, but has to find an escape route as soon as possible, or risk losing his daughter to the military. ...

    Did You Know? There are 6 possible endings that the player can achieve in "Dead Rising 2: Case Zero." The final ending will reflect on Chuck's actions during his stay in Still Creek.

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