Intense Cinema | Dead Island

Dead Island (2011)

  • with commentary
  • Writer: Michal Madej
  • Writer: Rafal W. Orkan
  • Writer: Haris Orkin
  • Writer: Pawel Selinger
  • Publisher: PrestigeIsKey
  • Runtime: 06:55:15
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  • "Dead Island" takes place on an island called Banoi. It is a lush, tropical paradise in the South Pacific where its flagship Royal Palms Resort serves as the ultimate getaway for vacationers with money to burn. However, all good things must soon come to an end - and the picturesque resort falls into madness, carnage and chaos after a mysterious and contagious zombie outbreak claims its once peaceful atmosphere. Cut off from the rest of the world, only four individuals who strangely find themselves immune to zombification have the power to protect the remaining survivors from the horrors of the island, to discover what's really going on and find a way to escape before their own fatal ends.

    Dead Island takes place on the fictional island of Banoi, a lush, tropical resort destination located off the coast of Papua New Guinea. The night after a high-profile party, the four main survivors; rapper Sam B., hotel receptionist and spy for the Chinese government Xian Mei, former football-star Logan Carter, and ex police officer Purna—are awakened by a voice over the emergency intercom system directing them to evacuate the hotel. They discover that the majority of the population have been overcome by a contagious and infectious plague, turning them into psychopathic, flesh-eating creatures. Briefly overcome by one of the infected, they are rescued by lifeguard John Sinamoi. The four survivors discover that they are apparently immune from infection, and with "The Voice" out of contact, the survivors are tasked by Sinamoi to try and find supplies and contact the outside world. As it becomes obvious that the resort lacks enough supplies to survive for long, Sinamoi instead has them travel to the city of Moresby to find help. The survivors take along Jin, the daughter of the bitten mechanic who modifies an armored car they use to break out of the resort.

    Did You Know? "Dead Island" was not released in Germany, due to the amount of violence. "Dead Island" was sold in some German online stores such as Amazon Germany, for a limited time.

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