Intense Cinema | Darksiders 2: The Crucible

Darksiders 2: The Crucible (2012)

  • Director: Keith Arem
  • Publisher: Sagman TwelvePC
  • Runtime: 01:06:21
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  • "Deadsiders 2" Crucible is a enemy gauntlet featured in "Darksiders 2." There are 100 waves of enemies in the Crucible, starting with the most basic of enemies before quickly escalating. The combat difficulty increases as you go through the waves. After completing five waves of enemies, Death will have the option of taking a reward, or continuing on with the gauntlet. If he chooses to take the reward, the gauntlet ends right there and he will get that rare piece of loot. However, if he chooses to continue he can make it to a later part of the crucible and gain an even more rare piece of loot. However, if Death falls in battle while going through a later wave, he will leave with nothing.

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