Intense Cinema | The Cursed Forest

The Cursed Forest (2014)

  • Publisher: tombevil
  • Runtime: 00:35:28
  • Download The Cursed Forest at Steam
  • "Don't Go Into The Forest!" Growing up in a rural area he has always been warned never to venture into the Cursed Forest a couple of towns away. When his mother has a severe heart-attack and is taken to the hospital he knows that the quickest way to get there is through the forest, and if he drives around it he may not get there on time. He enters the forest and drives down the poorly constructed road, the trees seeming to tighten around him and the canopy above blocking out the light. As a large dark shape he cannot make out scurries across the path in front of him he swerves to avoid it and crashes into a ravine. Lost in the forest he finds himself uncovering terrible secrets from the past, and there are dangerous things lurking amongst the trees. Can he solve the mystery and end the curse? ...

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