Intense Cinema | Contrast

Contrast (2013)

  • Director: Guillaume Provost
  • Writer: Alex Epstein
  • Publisher: XCVii007r1
  • Runtime: 01:31:21
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  • The story of "Contrast" takes place in a noir-art atmosphere. Our female characters Dawn and Didi must solve puzzles that require movement between the physical world and shadows. They must manipulate different light sources in the 3D world (spotlights, film projectors, etc.) to create proper shadow paths to reach into new areas.

    "Contrast" begins in the bedroom of Didi, a young girl who has Dawn as an imaginary friend. Didi's mother, Kat, enters the room and tells Didi not to sneak out of the house again. Didi asks if her father will return to them. Kat answers that she doesn't know and leaves.

    Once Kat leaves, Didi, with Dawn's assistance, sneaks out of the house to a cabaret, the Ghost Note, where her mother is working. After Kat's musical number, Didi eavesdrops on a conversation between her mother and father, Johnny. In this conversation, Didi figures out that her father was kicked out by her mother. Johnny asks Kat to visit him at the Excelsior, the hotel where he is staying, telling her that he has some big plans to improve their lives. ...

    Did You Kown? Dawn and Didi are the only two characters who appear as full 3D figures who are able to manifest as a three-dimensional shadow. All other characters appear as only shadows against the visual walls, but they still interact with the world as though they are "real."

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