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Blade Runner (1997)

  • Director: Joseph D. Kucan
  • Writers: Philip K. Dick, Hampton Fancher
  • Writer: David Webb Peoples
  • Publisher: cubex55
  • Runtime: 03:34:32
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  • Rather than re-tell the 1982 "Blade Runner" film, the developers of this story created a different path set in the same universe, which serves as a side story to the events of the film, with both narratives running parallel to one another.

    The story follows the role of "Blade Runner" Ray McCoy, who must hunt down a group of replicants (bioengineered beings designed to look like humans) in 2019 Los Angeles. As the events take place at the same time as the events of the film, several of the film's characters appear in the game, with the original actors returning to voice them. Although the film's main character, Rick Deckard, only appears fleetingly in a non-speaking role in the game, he is referred to multiple times, and his activities from the film are mentioned by non-player characters. Other parallels with the film include the in-game reproduction of several prominent locations, buildings, and scenes.

    November 2019. Los Angeles. shortly after the beginning of the (1982) "Blade Runner" film. The protagonist, Ray McCoy, is a rookie Blade Runner under the command of Lieutenant Guzza. McCoy is tasked with tracking down a group of replicants, who are suspected of murdering animals — a crime nearly as heinous as murdering humans, since most animal species are extinct, and real specimens are exceedingly rare. McCoy investigates a number of crime scenes, employing various techniques typical of detectives to gather information.

    During his investigations, McCoy encounters a black market gun runner who assists rogue replicants by providing them with weapons. Soon afterwards, he is framed for the murder of a civilian by the crooked Lieutenant Guzza, who considers him dangerous to his illicit business at the police station. Forced into hiding, McCoy explores the dark, decrepit underworld of L.A., and makes contact with the replicant twins Luther and Lance, former genetic designers for the Tyrell Corporation, who are now working to extend their own lifespans, as well as those of all other replicants. From them, McCoy receives a detailed report containing evidence of Guzza's corruption. He uses this information to blackmail Guzza and force him to set his falsified record straight. The two men meet in the city sewers for the exchange, where Guzza is wounded by replicant gunfire. At this point, McCoy must decide to either run away or finish the lieutenant off. ...

    Did You Know? "Blade Runner: The Video Game" design was ambitious for the available technology of the time. In contrast to other games at that time, the game engine (which included backgrounds that were pre-rendered and models calculated in 3D), did not require or use hardware 3D graphics accelerators. Game designers, David Leary and James Walls, achieved this through a self-developed technology based on voxels (pixels with width, height and depth), which they called "Voxel Plus." Instead of just having one voxel, dozens of rotating voxels were used in the shape and depth of the actual polygon model data, making it true real-time 3D without requiring 3D hardware. In layman's terms, it was piecing together flat "picture panels", and then rotating and positioning them in 3D-space, thereby giving the illusion of a 3D object.

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