Intense Cinema | Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (2010)

  • Directors: Patrick Bach, Tobias Falk
  • Writers: David Goldfarb, Fredrik Agetoft
  • Writers: Adrian Vershinin, Kirk E. Paul
  • Publisher: The Rusty Rebel
  • Runtime: 00:53:53
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  • "Battlefield: Bad Company 2" begins in October 1944, as a group of US commandos infiltrate an Imperial Japanese Navy-controlled island in the Sea of Japan as part of "Operation Aurora". They secure a Japanese scientist who was working on a secret scalar weapon codenamed "The Black Weapon", and escape the island on a submarine. However as foreshadowed by the scientist's warnings, the commandos witness the weapon firing and subsequently perish from the resulting tsunami, sparking a myth within the U.S. Army.

    In the present day, Privates Preston Marlowe, Terrence Sweetwater, George Haggard and Sergeant Samuel Redford are fighting in Russia in an attempt to secure a scalar weapon device. Despite evading Russian soldiers and completing the mission successfully, the device is discovered to be a fake. Impressed with their previous activities, Army General Braidwood has the squad transferred into the Special Activities Division and assigns them a new mission; to contact Agent James Wyatt (called Aguire in-game), much to the disappointment of Redford, who had hoped to retire after the previous mission.

    The squad travels to Bolivia in search of the agent, and after many firefights, they eventually save Aguire. He sends them to retrieve his scalar technology intelligence from a French weather satellite that can be controlled from a base in the Andes. Sweetwater lands the satellite and the squad successfully defeat a Russian counterattack aimed at destroying it. Marlowe soon finds the data server and proceeds to descend the mountain during a blizzard while dodging Russian patrols. He survives, and is extracted by the others.

    During extraction, Aguire briefs the squad about the man responsible for rebuilding scalar weaponry, Arkady Kirilenko, a Russian Army colonel the squad did not eliminate in Russia. Kirilenko is hoping to use scalar weaponry to disable America's power grid and pave the way for a Russian invasion. ...

    Did You Know? "Battlefield: Bad Company 2" uses Dolby Digital and Frostbite's High Definition Audio Range technology. The score was composed by Mikael Karlsson and is featured on the "Battlefield: Bad Company 2" Official Soundtrack.

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