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Battlefield 4 (2013)

  • Director: Tom Keegan
  • Writer: Adrian Vershinin
  • Publisher: Gamers Little Playground
  • Runtime: 01:49:34
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  • "Battlefield 4" is a sequel to "Battlefield 3." "Battlefield 4" takes place six years after its predecessor in the year 2020, tensions between Russia and the United States have beem running at a record high. On top of this, China is also on the brink of war, as Admiral Chang, the main antagonist, plans to overthrow China's current government. If he succeeds, Chang will have full support from the Russians, bringing China to the brink of war with the United States.

    In the prologue, set in Baku, Azerbaijan, a U.S. special operations squad call Tombstone, which consisting of Recker, Dunn, Irish, and Pac, escapes the city, with vital intelligence in hand and Russian special forces in hot pursuit. In a chaotic twist, the squad winds up trapped in a civilian's car when it plunges into the sea. Dunn, trapped between the seats and critically wounded, gives Recker his pistol and orders him to shoot out the windshield. Reluctantly, Recker shoots the window, and Dunn drowns as the others escape. As Tombstone swims to the surface, the player hears their commanding officer, Captain Garrison, talking over the phone about the intel: that Admiral Chang is planning a military coup d'état, and if he succeeds, he will gain full Russian support, confirming an earlier report from an asset in China. Tombstone returns to the USS Valkyrie, an amphibious assault carrier en route to Shanghai. There, Garrison informs them of the assassination of Chinese presidential candidate, Jin Jié; and how Chang convinced the Chinese that the United States was responsible.

    Garrison sends Tombstone, with Recker as squad leader, a covert mission in Shanghai to rescue three VIPs: Kovic, Hannah, and Hannah's husband. With Tombstone's help, Kovic takes his fellow VIPs to the Valkyrie by helicopter. Meanwhile, Tombstone takes a civilian tourist boat from the shore, just as an electromagnetic pulse fries all electric equipment in the area. Realizing that there are other civilian refugees stranded on boats around them, and against Pac's protests, Irish leads them to the Valkyrie. Aboard the Valkyrie, they head for the USS Titan, a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier that can house the refugees. Upon sighting the Titan, the Valkyrie finds it highly damaged by Chang's Chinese military. Garrison orders Tombstone, with Kovic as acting squad leader (Recker lost the position because he didn't stop Irish), to scour the wreckage of the Titan for survivors and intel before it sinks. Tombstone recovers a hard drive with data on the time before the Chinese missile attack; and fight their way out of the Chinese soldiers that had boarded the ship. The Titan buckles under its own weight while sinking and splits in two, forcing Tombstone to jump ship. Making their way back to the Valkyrie with a hijacked assault boat, they find the carrier under siege by Chinese forces. They board it to repel the Chinese assault. Kovic is critically injured during the engagement, and puts Recker back in charge of Tombstone squad before he dies. Tombstone then clears the bridge and rescues Garrison and Hannah's husband.

    Garrison debriefs the squad on the upcoming assault on the Chinese-controlled Singapore airfield to destroy Chinese air superiority while their air forces are grounded by a storm. Hannah volunteers to join Tombstone, much to Irish's chagrin. They successfully assault the beach and lead an advance towards the airfield, with the help of American tanks, losing most of their forces in the process. While crossing a bridge to the airfield, Recker is pinned behind by a car blown by the strong winds and tries to break free with the help of Tombstone, to no avail. A large freighter crashes into the bridge, throwing Tombstone into the sea below. Fortunately, they survive and make their way to the airfield via a sewer. After Pac fires the signal flare, Tombstone attempts to evacuate the area using an enemy vehicle, but they are knocked out of their vehicle when the missiles hit, apparently killing Pac. Hannah seemingly betrays the squad, bringing the Chinese soldiers to capture Tombstone; this infuriates Irish, but neither he nor Recker can stop the soldiers from incapacitating them.[54] Recker and Irish are then taken to a prison in the Kunlun Mountains by the Chinese military. There, the two Marines are interrogated about their mission in Shanghai, with Chang personally watching, before being thrown into cells. ...

    Did You Know? Shortly after the release of the "China Rising" DLC pack, the Chinese Government has since banned the sale of "Battlefield 4" in China. According to the Ministry, "Battlefield 4" poses as a national security risk by smearing China's image and army in the form of a cultural invasion as the DLC includes four maps on the Chinese mainland with new vehicles, high-tech equipment and ten new assignments which the government sees as discrediting to the Chinese national image.

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