Intense Cinema | Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3 (2011)

  • Director: Tom Keegan
  • Writers: David Goldfarb, Mikael Säker
  • Writer: Adrian Vershinin
  • Publisher: Gamematics
  • Runtime: 03:03:05
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  • "Battlefield 3 " take places in 2014 and covers events that occur over the span of nine months. Most of the story takes place in the Iran–Iraq region. Other locations include the Azerbaijani border; Paris, France; and New York City. The story begins with an unidentified US Marine with handcuffs is seen evading law enforcement in New York City. The Marine hops over an overpass onto a subway train, manages to break into it, and engages the train's hijackers, who have also planted explosive charges throughout it. He works his way to the front car, where he is ambushed by Solomon, the man behind the attack.

    Eight months prior, Sgt. Henry Blackburn's five-man squad, Misfit 1-3, attempts to find and safely return a U.S. squad investigating a possible IED in Sulaymaniyah, Iraqi Kurdistan, whose last-known position was a market controlled by the People's Liberation and Resistance, an Iranian paramilitary insurgent group who have crossed borders into Iraq. They find the missing squad and discover they had been ambushed by the PLR; but while fending off enemies closing in on their position, a massive earthquake wrecks the city. Several hours later, Blackburn wakes up after being unconscious, listening to a frequency which announces that a major earthquake has affected operational capability in the Iran-Iraq region. Blackburn and other survivors fight their way out of the ruins of the city toward an extraction point. ...

    Did You Know? An article on Kotaku states that "Battlefield 3" was inspired by multiple war movies such as (2008) "Generation Kill," (2008) "The Hurt Locker," (2001) "Black Hawk Down," and the television series (2001) "24."

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