Intense Cinema | Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 (2016)

  • Director(s): Lars Gustavsson, Marcus Kryler
  • Director(s): Fredrik Åkerström, Tom Keegan
  • Writer(s): Steven Hall
  • Publisher: Gamers Little Playground
  • Runtime: 02:16:32
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  • "Battlefield 1" is composed of six separate "War Stories", each shown through the eyes of separate soldiers from different nationalities, "Storm of Steel" takes place in France through the eyes of several Harlem Hellfighters, "Through Mud and Blood" takes place in France though the eyes of a British tank driver, "Friends in High Places" takes place in France and England as a Royal Flying Corps fighter pilot, "Avanti Savoia" takes places in Italy as a mournful survivor and member of the Arditi, "The Runner" takes place in the Gallipoli Peninsula (the European half of Turkey) through an ANZAC runner, and "Nothing is Written" takes place in Mesopotamia through the eyes of a Bedouin warrior under the command of Lawrence of Arabia.

    Did You Know? For the first time in the Battlefield series, a controllable female protagonist character, Zara Ghufran, appears in "Battlefield" series.

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