Intense Cinema | Back to the Future: The Game

Back to the Future: The Game (2010)

  • Director: Dennis Lenart
  • Writers: Robert Zemeckis, Bob Gale
  • Writers: Michael Stemmle, Andy Hartzell
  • Publisher: gifmike
  • Runtime: 06:03:52
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  • "Back to the Future: The Game" takes place six months after "Back to the Future" trilogy, May 14, 1986. Marty McFly has not seen his friend Dr. Emmett "Doc" Brown since he left with his family, and as such, the bank has started to sell away his laboratory and possessions. After rescuing Doc's notebook describing time travel technology from Biff Tannen, Marty is surprised by the appearance of a DeLorean time machine outside the laboratory. A recording left by Doc in the car explains that the machine would return to Marty's present should the Doc be in trouble. Following clues, Marty locates the Doc stuck in time in 1931, where, if not rescued, he would be killed by Irving "Kid" Tannen (Biff's father) for committing arson of Kid's speakeasy.

    Marty uses the DeLorean to travel to Hill Valley of 1931. There he finds Doc in jail, and meets his younger version Emmett, a lanky teenager that wants to follow his dreams of science but forced to work for his father at the courthouse. He not only has a run-in with Kid Tannen, but also encounters his grandfather Artie McFly working as Kid Tannen's accountant, Trixie, Kid's moll that Artie has a crush on, and the young Edna Strickland, the sister of Marty's future school principal and currently a reporter with a strong moral fiber.

    Marty's first attempt to free Doc, requiring Artie to rat on Kid's gang, seems to go well until Marty finds himself disappearing from time, as Artie would be murdered shortly by Kid for turning on him. Doc and Marty travel back a day to amend Marty's instructions to Artie to have him leave town, assuring Marty's future. Believing all is well, Doc and Marty return to the present, but find it run by the Tannen Crime Family. Marty and Doc realize that Artie never returned to town to testify, following their instructions too well. Once again they return to 1931, and assure that Kid Tannen is arrested on the strength of Artie's testimony. Confident the present is repaired, Marty and Doc return to the present, unaware that his actions have led to a romance between Emmett and Edna, where she encourages the young man's future in science, albeit for her own ends. On arriving in the present, Doc suddenly disappears and the DeLorean crashes outside of the now-walled, totalitarian Hill Valley run by "Citizen Brown". Realizing this is not the corrected timeline, Marty finds that Edna's influence directed Emmett's genius into technology designed to uphold strong moral values. Marty convinces Brown that he had a different calling, and after effecting repairs to the DeLorean using Doc's notes, they both return to 1931. ...

    Did You Know? The development team sought input from fans on various scenarios by means of an online survey and brought in trilogy co-creator, co-writer and co-producer Bob Gale as story consultant. Several concepts he and director Robert Zemeckis had originally conceived for "Back to the Future Part 2," such as the exploration of the Prohibition era and Doc's family history, were reworked into "Back to the Future: The Game." Telltale Games found adhering to the films' established timelines to be one of the greatest challenges regarding the development of the script. Many ideas had to be scrapped due to conflicts that would have caused paradoxes with the stories of the films

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